My first art exhibit is coming up on March 8-16, 2019! I’m very excited and nervous at the same, which always happens when an unknown adventure is upon me.

The show is put on by the Kamloops Art Council, called the ART EXPOSED Regional Exhibition. It is inclusive to all 2D and 3D artists, and is very community focused. Check their site to learn more.

Having never been apart of an exhibition, and having only visited a couple in the past, there are a few things that I’m eager to learn more about. Some of these questions are around pricing, framing and volunteering. I’m also eager to grow within the art community that exists in the TNRD area, as well as online.

Art has been something that I’ve always wanted to consistently pursue, instead of a painting here and there, but put it off as something that I’d get to when I had time. One day I finally realized that the only way I’d have time to do it is if I actually made the time. I set a goal for myself to make more time come this past January, and I did. I cut down my hours at my advertising job to part-time, so I could also work on my art part-time. I definitely am starting to feel more fulfilled, and I’m seeing my creative growth increase rapidly now that I have dedicated time to give to my passion.

The pieces below are the two that I’ve submitted for the exhibition. They are both 11″x14″, and will be available for purchase at the show.

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