Creating for the Jurassic Park Generation

I’ve recently come across the term “The Jurassic Park Effect”, and had to learn more. This term comes from the generation that grew up during the rise in popularity of the Jurassic Park movies, that is still continuing on today. In this generation, we saw an increase in young people wanting to become paleontologists, a resurgence in the interest in dinosaurs themselves and an increased curiosity in life before humans.

If you check out my Instagram, you’ll note that more and more of my paintings are centered around dinosaurs. Dinosaurs for me are amazing creatures to pull inspiration from, as I can use my imagination because there is still so much about them we don’t know. Did you know that, according to National Geographic, every week a new dinosaur species is discovered? How cool is that!

The Jurassic Park movies themselves played a heavy influence on me growing up, so I would say this effect is true for me. I can remember when the first movie came out on VHS, it was the first movie we bought for our new big screen TV and surround system. It was the best test, as the Dolby surround sound shook the house when T-Rex hit the screen. We must have watched it as a family and with friends a dozen times when we first got it.

I’ve had a few people note to me that kids must really love my art, or that they think I’m a children’s artist, but I don’t see myself that way. I mean, I think it’s awesome if anyone gets enjoyment out of what I create, but really I think it’s the generation that I’ve grown up in that I connect with the most when it comes to talking, creating or sharing all things Dino!

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  1. Interesting read on the Jurassic Park effect. It really did inspire a resurgence of dinosaurs and captivated “all” age groups. The “thump” “thump” of the T-Rex,using the new THX sound system was just as emotionally memorable as the Jaws theme.

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