Below are some of my collections. Original art work is available for sale, contact me for more information. Online store coming in early 2020! Please click on the images to expand.

Illumination Collection

This collection is still ongoing, and really caters to my love of minimalism and shapes. I’ve found I always need some sort of structure in my life, to help my understand things better, and starting off most of my pieces with shapes really helps for direction and inspiration. As you can tell with the rest of the collections below, shapes are a really common theme for me. These pieces were all done with different colour foil leaf, ink and acrylic gouache.

Godzilla Hearts Van

This matching two piece collection was inspired by my honeymoon to Japan. This was painted a month before we left to spend a few days in Yokohama and Otaru, and Japan-related things were all I could think about. Japan has been at the top of my bucket list for a long time, and fulfilling that dream was amazing. I highly recommend it! These pieces were also inspired by my love of horror movies, and in this case monster movies, as well as a callback to the Vancouver Area I grew up in. Monster movies was something my brother and I bonded over growing up, and are a comfort to watch now as an adult.

“DinoPower” Collection

Dinosaurs have always been fascinating to me. The fact that they used to walk the same earth we do, and that we know so much about them even though they existed millions of years ago, is a great scientific feat. Illustrating creatures that are no longer around gives a sense of artistic freedom as well, and I feel like I can perceive them how I want. I had a lot of fun with this collection, and plan on more jurassic inspiration to come!

Coming soon. Please see my Insta for more dino pics!

“Shapes In The Moment” Collection

Lately I’ve been enjoying simplicity in my art. I’ve always appreciated the minimalist approach to life, having moved a bunch and having no issues keeping my possessions “small”. In the past year and a half, my husband and I have been transitioning to a move to a rural community in British Columbia, Canada. We’ve both had enough of the city life of Vancouver (although beautiful in its own right) and the surrounding area, and wanted to start a new adventure. It’s been so amazing living in a place that has breath taking views every morning, the quiet and peacefulness that large property provides, and the daily glimpses of wildlife running across our front yard. This collection was inspired by those things, the simple things that we took for granted before. Enjoy!

“20,000 Dots Under The Sea” Collection

This collection was a challenge that I wanted to undertake, as it was a bit different than what I’ve done in the past. I had recently done a sea dragon commission, and had never really worked with sea creatures before. I soon found out that sea creatures are much more intricate than the land animals I was used to painting and drawing. This collection helped to grow my sketching and inking skills, and I very much enjoyed the practice. All of these are done with watercolour “dots” and inked creatures, on 5″x7″ Strathmore watercolor paper.

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